Photo by Ron Petersen, copyright 2018

How do I apply?

Please download the application below and send it to us.

What is a Junior?

A Mayflower Junior member is someone who has applied to be a Junior Member before the age of 18 and retains that status until the age of 25. The applicant must have a relative in the Oregon Mayflower Society (i.e. Grandparent, Parent, Aunt, Uncle) in good standing who has already proved their lineage to the Mayflower. Juniors receive special benefits as members: educational emails, invites to special meetings, and scholarship information within the Society.

Sponsorships – What is a SPONSOR?

A SPONSOR is a member of a GSMD Society in good standing.

A SPONSOR is a relative of a Mayflower Descendant who is under the age of 18 such as a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle.

A SPONSOR is the person  who will submit a Junior for membership by signing the application form and providing their own National and State numbers.  They will also collect contact information on the Junior member, any documentation the State may want (birth certificates, marriage certificates), and have the Junior   applicant sign the form.  Then the Sponsor will send it in to the State Junior Chairman for processing.

If you would like to sponsor a Junior Member please contact your State Juniors Chairman or your State Historian.