Are you a Mayflower passenger descendant? If so, join us in celebrating the voyage of the Mayflower in 1620 as we celebrate the 400th anniversary.

Along with the Cascade Colony in Medford, we operate under the auspices of the Oregon State Mayflower Society with whom we meet twice a year — in November and May — for a luncheon and business meeting.

The Mt. Hood Mayflower Colony was founded in March 2005 by a group of Oregon Mayflower Society members who desired a meeting location in northern Oregon. The name Mt. Hood was chosen to reflect the central geographical region our colony serves: from southern Washington to central Oregon, most of which affords a view of our prominent nearby mountain.

Mt. Hood Colony members gather for a luncheon meeting and program at lease two times a year, spring, and fall. Please contact us if you would like to attend. Prospective members, spouses and guests are welcome.

Definition of a Mayflower Colony

Questions have arisen recently about what is a Mayflower Colony and why do we have them? I hope this message clarifies the issue. The purpose of the creation of a colony shall be for the geographical convenience of its members and for no other purpose.

New and existing Oregon Mayflower Members have the option to join either the Cascade Colony in Medford, or the Mount Hood Colony in Portland. If they prefer, they may become a member at large. They are however, welcome to attend our state or any colony meeting. Members of a colony pay their respective minimal colony dues. Members at large are exempt from colony dues.

The state society holds two meetings a year but colonies hold two to three meetings a year for the purpose of education and sociability. Seldom do you attend a meeting and not meet a new cousin. Thank you.

Melissa (Mimi) Biehn
Former Lt. Governor Mt Hood Colony

Mt. Hood Colony Coming Events

The Officers are working to plan a colony get together for late spring or early summer 2024.  Additional details will be provided.

The Oregon Mayflower Society is planning a spring luncheon on May 4, 2024.  Location, time & cost will be provided.

The annual Compact luncheon is scheduled for November 23, 2024. Details will be provided.

             Mt. Hood Colony Officers              

Lt. Governor Corey Martin
Deputy Lt. Governor David Wiszneauckas
Secretary Joni Walker
Treasurer Debbie Ketchum
Historian Sue Glen
Captain Dawn Rousett
Elder Lois Streimer



For questions or further Mt. Hood Colony information contact Deputy Lt. Governor David Wiszneauckas using the form below: